Bad Memory

The Rash
the rash inside a circle that looks kind of like a butt…

Everything has to be documented from now on because it feels like some of the people around me are having memory problems. It’s easy to say I’m the one who isn’t remembering things correctly, but I honestly don’t think it’s me all the time.

I have a rash on my right arm that I noticed last night because it felt itchy and rough. I looked and it was a round red spot that was warm to the touch. I asked my husband to feel it and he said it was rough and warm to the touch as well.

When I mentioned it to him today and told him I drew a circle around it to make sure it wasn’t getting any bigger, he said I told him about it on Monday…Huh? It wasn’t there on Monday, I just noticed it last night.

Now I did receive some vaccinations on Friday of last week but not in the area that this rash has appeared. And my arms are no longer sore from the four shots I received. So I’m at a loss as to what this could be. I suppose I could Google it but I hate trying to do that whole self diagnosis thing; just for the record you’re typically wrong when you do that!

I thought about sticking around at Urgent Care when I had my blood draw today to have a doctor look at it but they said the wait time was an hour and a half and the lobby was full of children with coughs and runny noses…no thank you!

As you can see it is starting to spread outside the circle a bit. I’ll keep an eye on it this weekend and hope it doesn’t spread. It’s very bizarre…I don’t tend to get rashes. BTW, my intention was not to make the circle around it look like a butt but what can I say; drawing a circle on your right arm with your left hand when you’re not left handed can be a challenge!

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