In the Middle

I realized in reading my last entry that I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention I have a middle son who is married to a lovely young lady. Unfortunately, we don’t see them often for reasons outside of our control. We understand that she has quite a large extended family that they are very much involved with and we’re different in a lot of ways that may make her not feel as comfortable with us as she is with them, understandably. That, however, doesn’t make us want to see them any less.

The relationship has been strained at times, and both sides have said things we can’t take back. All I can do from my stand point is apologize for my part in the tension and try to be welcoming and gracious. I can’t say that I don’t get my feelings hurt and that doing those things is always easy, but I pray that God will give me the grace to handle whatever may happen in the future.

Honestly I’m just not very good at the grace part. I try to be as much as I can. God simply hasn’t shown me the secret recipe for that yet. I pray more than anything that I can let the little things wash over me and not allow them to hurt but truthfully that is much easier said than done. So I move forward and pray that over time things will evolve toward the better and we’ll be closer in the future.

I truly hope that, despite what has transpired in the past, they know I love them both dearly and can’t imagine a life without them in it.

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