Too Tired


I’ve been looking for new ways to apply my make-up so I don’t look so tired all the time. Due to hormone changes from pregnancy, and chemotherapy I have dark pigment spots on my face in places I would like to cover. I know I can’t cover them completely without looking like I’m wearing a truck load of make-up but I do try to make them appear lighter if I can. I also get really dark circles under my eyes and my eye brows never came all the way back from when I lost my hair.

I tried using Wonderbrow for awhile and I will admit that I like it, however, I wish it came in a open container rather than a tube because I don’t use their brush to apply it. So I decided to try something new called “Cherimoya” by Max Makeup for my brows. I use the Dermablend concealer under my eyes as well as a little “Well Rested” by Bareminerals. I also use the Bareminerals powder under my brow line.

For my lashes I do wear an extender, that’s the white tube, to make my lashes longer, before I put on mascara, both are by Clinique. I wear a little bit of brown eye liner under my top lid that comes in an open container that I apply with my own brush. It’s called “Eyestudio” by Maybelline. I usually apply that while I’m waiting for my lashes extender to dry. A little color on just the lid of my eye for depth from a palette by Clinique, and I use a bit of the lighter color on my cheeks from that same palette. Who said you couldn’t use eye shadow on your cheeks? I finish it all off with a little Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick because I’m not much of a lipstick girl.

By the way…everything I use can be found at Ulta, my all time favorite place to buy make-up! I also like Sephora, but we don’t have one in the city I live in.

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