Less Than a Half a Teaspoon

So the doctors suggested I reduce my sodium (salt) intake to no more than 2000 mg a day, that is less than a half a teaspoon of salt a day. What they didn’t say, in that conversation about lowering my salt intake, was how difficult it would be.

There is salt in virtually everything we eat, some of it is naturally occurring which is fine, but most of it is added to make our food taste better.

Realistically, keeping track of your salt intake is almost impossible. Unless you make every thing you eat from scratch you can’t really control how much salt is added. Sure you can use low sodium ingredients, but simple things like just a little vegetable broth is 940 mg of salt per cup! Spring mix…SPRING MIX…has salt in it! Seriously?!?!

Cheese, kiss it goodbye! And heaven forbid that is your primary source of calcium because then you get to take the lovely calcium pills that are the size of a small farm animal.

Bread, nope, sorry, too much salt!

Soup, again, can’t do it.

Can’t use frozen chicken breast, they inject it with salt water, frozen turkey, the same thing. Good luck finding cage free, organic, chicken in a small city in the middle of nowhere!

Want to eat out at a restaurant, yeah, forget it! Maybe every once in awhile, but not even once a week or you’ll blow your salt content.

I still can’t believe there’s sodium in SPRING MIX! <rolling eyes>

So my diet has drastically changed, I have gone to not eating much, and what I do eat is pretty limited. Low sodium diets SUCK!

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