Adventures in the Snow

img_0682I had to go out this morning and I left the door open to my sewing room where I have all the Christmas gifts I’ve purchased but haven’t wrapped yet. Well, my sweet little black and tan female dachshund decided the best thing to do with those gifts would be to drag them outside through the doggy door and into the backyard.

We’ve gotten a fair amount of snow today so I didn’t notice anything odd in the backyard when I passed by the window.

Upon walking up the stairs to my sewing room I immediately knew something wasn’t right. I looked around and realized I was missing a few small things.

This is the part where I put on my parka like, zebra print, robe and my huge fuzzy boots and go stomping around the backyard. Thankfully I was able to find everything and really it was just dumb luck that I did because it had snowed just enough to cover all her tracks.

Apparently she didn’t see the need for wrapping the gifts, we should just send people out in the snow covered backyard to do an Easter egg type hunt for their gifts.

I’m tellin’ ya it’s never boring around here…

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