A New Year

…and undoubtedly a new set of challenges. 

In 15 days I set out on another journey to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota to be poked and prodded by the experts and see if they think I’m sick enough (yet) to be placed on a heart transplant list. Well, I shouldn’t say it like that, I actually am sick enough, they just want me to be more sick to get on the “right” transplant list.

If all goes as planned I will go into the hospital on 20th and be out by the 25th so I can go home on the 26th. But we’ll see how things go…my body doesn’t always like to cooperate.

They plan on putting in a PICC line and starting me on positive inotropic therapy. Sounds like sunshine and rainbows doesn’t it? It should help my heart function for the time being, but it also means two new drugs being introduced to the very fragile combination I currently take. Some have asked me how long will I have to be on this therapy and the answer is, until…until I get a new heart or until this old heart I have fails. Right now my biggest concern is the new drugs playing well with those I already take. If they don’t we could end up with one hot mess on our hands. For now I’m going to bet on things going well and worry about what might go wrong if that even happens. Who knows my body may decide to give a girl a break and play along for a change!

Oh and to ring in the new year like only I can…I have a stupid cold, a nasty cough, and lovely ear infection <rolling eyes> No one else I know is sick, only me. Went to the ER to test for Strep, Flu, and Pneumonia and it was none of those. My electrolytes are off according to my oncologist, my potassium is starting to take a dive again, and my INR (my blood clotting factor) is too thick. All of this just means, I’m sick with some creeping crud that most people can fight off, but with my 18 month old immune system I am quite literally, like a toddler, and have a runny rose, a croupy cough, and an ear infection <WAH>


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