School Bus

School Bus

I challenged myself to get my camera out of hibernation and use it every day…for a year. I need things to do you know, I’m permanently disabled, basically because I have this stupid terminal illness. Plus, I have all this time on my hands while I wait for Mayo Clinic to list me for heart transplant. Besides once they do list me, I have to wait for the heart. So, I’ve got some time! In addition, I have a pretty decent camera, I use to use it in a professional capacity, and really all it’s done in the last few years is gather dust. Not to mention I do actually like to take photos, admittedly, of attractive people, but not always, and sometimes of…not people!

I took three photos indoors to start this whole thing off (not posted here) so for today I decided I needed to venture outdoors and maybe try some long exposure shots. Downtown maybe…

Of course when I was hatching this plan in the warmth of my bed early this morning, surrounded by my beloved fur-babies, I was not taking into account the temperature!

Turns out the high today was a whopping 3 degrees. I finally made it to my first destination about 3 pm just when it hit the balmy temperature of, 3 degrees. This was after I spent two hours charging my batteries and waiting for my camera to acclimate to the cold before going out on my little adventure. Ironically my camera, technically, shouldn’t even work in this temperature, but if you put your camera bag in your very cold garage, in your very cold car, it will eventually acclimate so that your lenses don’t fog up when you go outside. That’s not to say the glasses on your face won’t, just saying, thank goodness for auto focus!

The Trio

I did in fact take more than four photos, however, these four were my favorites of the day. I particularly liked the school bus I happened to catch on a long exposure at a green light.

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