Furry Things

Dotty! But she mostly likes Miss Weiner.

We have two Dachshunds and a feral cat. A black and tan, aka Dotty, Mama, Miss Weiner, and/or Honey Bunny. We also have a black and white piebald/dapple, Dotty’s offspring, named Thor, aka…Thor Baby, Thor-man, Fat Boy, and/or Mr. Weiner. Along with these two short legged brats, we have the feral descendant of a barn cat, who happens to also be black and white (not pictured here). She goes by Olivia, Barge Kitty, Square Cat, Snaggle Tooth and/or B*tch. I did tell you she was feral? You can take the cat out of the barn but you can NOT take the barn out of the cat.

I love my animals, they bring me comfort, they’re always happy to see me, and with the exception of, Barge Kitty, they almost never stay mad at me. I guess you could say they know who feeds them.

They sleep with me in the morning after my husband leaves for work. They’ve gotten in the habit of climbing in bed with me after he’s gotten up and snuggling in on his side of the bed…with the exception of Square Cat. Yep, that feral barn cat, Olivia, she gets away with a lot of stuff, like being mad at me, forever, and laying at the foot of MY side of the bed, hence the reason she is, ever so affectionately, referred to as the B*tch. Not always, but at least once a week. She also likes to pee on my socks if I leave them on the floor…don’t ask! I must have wronged her in a previous life and this is her version of Karmic justice.

Thor-man, like Norman, but THORMAN!

Dotty is the boss. She’s very sweet but she’ll let you know if you’ve pissed her off with a simple glance or by leaving a single piece of petrified poop she’s brought in from outside, placed carefully at the foot of the stairs. She has also mastered the art of giving the cold shoulder. She will sit facing the corner then peer over her shoulder at you with daggers for eyes. It’s quite chilling! <BURRR> She loves foot rubs, meaning your feet rubbing her…no need to do anything but move your feet back and forth she’ll move herself where she’d like your toes.

Thor-man, is a dopey kind of guy, as you can probably tell by that photo. He loves tennis balls, doesn’t chew his food, and has audible farts! <GASP> All of his genetics went to his beautiful coat and he is basically as dumb as a box of rocks, unless you’re a rock lover, then nevermind. He’s able to alert me when my heart goes out of rhythm which is a bizarre skill he picked up all on his own. Unfortunately he can’t be a certified service dog because he refuses to sit on command…seriously! That’s OK he’s super cute so we’ll keep him <wink>.

I guess you could say animals are as quirky as their owners…in our case that’s very true!

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