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Positive Inotropic Therapy Pre-Transplant…yeah won’t find a lot of info!

You can find information on the use for your garden variety heart failure and it’s use in palliative care but not so much of it being used pre-transplant for systolic heart failure (basically the kind of heart failure I have…there’s more than one kind). I’ve asked the experts but they haven’t given me any clear answers to my questions, so I’m trying really hard not to get too scared by the idea of receiving this kind of therapy.

Not only is there not a lot of information but the articles I have found are old. I did find one from 2015, but it only briefly talks about heart transplant, “Use of Inotropic Agents in Treatment of Systolic Heart Failure“. Then if you look at heart transplant information and the urgency code status it mentions inotropes but not in great detail, even though you have to be receiving the therapy to be listed as a 1A or 1B. So if there are approximately 2,000 heart transplants done in the United States each year why isn’t there more information about the use of inotropic therapy in people awaiting heart transplant. One would think this is a subject that would have been written about in some detail by now.

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