Relieved and Disappointed

I should be in Rochester Minnesota right now, but I’m not because I’m sick. With what, I have no idea. It started Christmas day. I was tested for flu, strep, and pneumonia, but everything came back negative. Two days later I had a lovely ear infection in my left ear. That led to 7 days of antibiotics. Still not a lot of overall improvement, other than my ear infection being gone, so they tried some antiviral medication. I’m currently 4 days into that and so far I just seem to be getting worse…go figure. Yesterday I went in for a blood and urine test along with a chest x-ray, which all came out normal. So the bottom line is I must have some weird creeping crud that is causing one heck of a cough and generally making me feel lethargic.

After talking with the heart transplant team in Rochester we decided it would be better to postpone my visit for about four and a half weeks to give my body some time to get over whatever it is that seems to have taken over. Airline tickets have been changed, and hotel and car reservations have been cancelled for now.

I really wanted to go and get this stuff taken care of and off my plate so I could stop worrying about it, but then again I’m so glad that I didn’t get on a plane feeling the way I do now, not only making everyone around me feel miserable but feeling twice as miserable myself. This is just like me to get sick at the most inconvenient time!

If a person could will themselves to get better I should be a picture of health. I’ve been doing everything I can to make myself better. Seeing the doctor in a timely fashion, taking my medication as I’m suppose to, not laying around and letting whatever this is turn into pneumonia, trying to eat as much as I can, drinking plenty of fluids, etc… As of today I have an immune system that is a whole 21 month old, and we all know how often toddlers get sick, I’m not different, with the exception of the fact I’m a 44 year old woman.

This 4 and a half weeks gives me some extra time to get some things done. Help my youngest son finish writing some essays for a few scholarship applications for college. Put together some furniture for my mom’s new sewing room, well at least read the directions if I can’t do the assembly. Buy the new robe I want for the hospital, plus a few new pairs of yoga pants. Finalize a few more things for the oldest sons wedding in August. Get to see my middle son and daughter in-law a couple more times; have that dinner we planned but had to cancel. And maybe see my sister and her man one more time before we go.

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