In The Shower

Did I ever tell you I pray in the shower? I know it seems weird, but it’s often the only time I feel truly alone to speak with God. I thought maybe I should start sharing some of my prayers here. Just because I choose to pray in private doesn’t mean they need to be private. I watched the sermon from my church on Facebook Live this last Sunday, gotta love technology. A new series started called “Shaken”. It got me thinking this week about all of the things God has put before me, both the good and the challenging, what I’m grateful for and what I need to be more grateful for. So here was my prayer tonight…

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the blessings you’ve put before me. I will try harder to remember that those blessings don’t always come in the form of joy, but also in challenge and hardship. I know the light of joy is always wonderful to receive, however I know the challenges and hardships you put before me are to teach me the lessons I need to learn so that I may continue down the path you’ve chosen for me. They help shape me into the person you wish me to be, and have been bestowed upon me to share with others so that they may not feel alone as they face similar challenges and hardships as I do. Please grant me the strength and wisdom to do your work. 

As always, in your loving son Jesus’ name, I pray these words…Amen!

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