Where Did My Waist Go?

One of the cruel things about heart failure is the edema. In my case, mine doesn’t present itself as swollen ankles, mine likes to settle in that space between my ribs and my hips.

If you know me, you know I’m not very tall, 5’3″ and change. At my heaviest I’ve weighed in at 185lbs. After my stem cell transplant (April 13, 2015) I left the hospital at 125lbs. We know that latter is too slim and former is too large and right now I am sitting at only 10lbs away from the most I’ve ever weighed. Why? Because my body over produces water!

I had to ask myself today, why couldn’t the water settle in my rear end? Seriously, this flat thing that has never in my life filled out a pair of jeans properly. Why couldn’t the water settle there? Or maybe it could settle in around my bust line, that area that now resembles two deflated balloons or maybe a pair of pocket flaps. Whatever they are they require a special kind of bra that makes them look “boob” shaped. Could the water settle there?

No, in some kind of cosmic karma, the water in my body likes to settle around my short torso. I end up looking very much like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. And not only that, but it makes it difficult to breathe, eat, or wear a pair of jeans with a belt without looking like pinched sausage.

It’s really not funny, my water weight is a sign that my heart is not doing well. The fact that the multiple diuretics I take daily aren’t working is a sign my heart is not doing well. The fact that my kidney function hasn’t been good for some time now is a sign my heart isn’t doing well. But what am I worried about? Looking like a little cartoon character who giggles when you poke it’s belly.

Vain much?

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