A Calling

We’ve been doing a series in church called “Shaken” and it has been about the challenges of painful trials in our life.

For awhile now I’ve wondered, why do I have Amyloidosis? Why do I have heart problems because of it? Why have I been given all of these health challenges? How will I ever be a productive member of my community after this life altering diagnosis?

Well, I believe in this series God has called me to do something with my experience. This morning our Congregational Care Pastor spoke before the church and I felt reassured that I was truly being called to ministry. I believe it was God’s sign to me that I was on the right path.

God is turning my misery into ministry, my pain into His purpose.

Right now I’m reading a book about small group ministry for the chronically ill. It’s been interesting to read so far. I’ve not be totally happy with the way the author interchanges chronic illness with chronic pain because not everyone with a chronic illness has chronic pain. And I’ve found the author to be a bit defensive in her stance on a church’s acceptance of a ministry for it’s chronically ill congregation. But I’m hopeful if I keep reading it will get better and I’ll learn some things that will help me lead a small/community group for those of us with chronic illness in my church and my community.

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