A New Found Respect

Bum Cream of Choice!

I have a new found respect for babies, diaper rash, and Desitin, I’m only kinda joking…

It’s a totally gross subject but it needs to be said. The road to hell runs through my bum! And there is no amount of Desitin on the planet that will ease the indescribable amount of discomfort it causes. Anyone who has had cancer knows exactly what I’m talking about. There will become a time when you cease to have control over your own bodily functions, adult diapers are often involved, and some of the worst diaper rash you can imagine will ensue. Desitin is often the bum cream of choice, it’s mine, however I’m sure there are others.

But I know why babies scream their little heads off when they need a diaper change. The pain is EXCRUCIATING!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been brought to tears as an adult woman at just the thought of having to “go.” Because there aren’t many drugs that I know of that don’t cause some kind of bowel disturbance the “going” part can become traumatic to say the least, especially if it happens at unexpected times and with little to no warning. A simple cough or sneeze shouldn’t be the catalyst for your body to stop working as it was intended.

I sit and write this entry, half a sentence at a time, as I run back and forth to my bathroom, with every conceivable cough or sneeze that may escape my body. Of course we have taken every precaution to safeguard our mattress with multiple layers of protective rubber sheets just in case. Not to mention, the always clean, spare bed linens waiting in the closet just in case an accident occures. I guess what babies don’t have that adults do is the the total loss of dignity. A baby messes their diaper, squeals a bit, wiggles around, gives you a little smile once it has clean nappies on and away they go, no shame.

I’m past shame I think, it’s just a part of my reality right now. I hope that sometime in the future I will regain the control I had before and don’t need to dart off to the restroom with my hair on fire in a panic that I might not make it. Until then, Desitin is my friend!

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