Crossing My Fingers

February is rapidly coming to and end and March 6th, the day I should be boarding a plane to go to Mayo Clinic is also rapidly approaching. I’m worried I won’t be well enough to travel, again, and then what? How may times can I reschedule before everyone throws their hands up and says enough is enough? I’m just being a bummer because I don’t feel good today and I wanted to so badly. Today marks 11 days I’ve been sick with this nameless crud that no one else I know, or who has been around me, has. I’d like to say my breathing is better, and it is at times, and at other times I have to put the oxygen back up to 3 litters, which in all reality is way too much on the 11th day! Cough suppressants, inhalers, and antibiotics just aren’t doing much of anything. Food helps a bit if it agrees with me, and sleep is wonderful if I can stop coughing long enough to fall asleep for a few hours.

We’ll see what the morning brings…crossing my fingers!

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