Like Riding a Bike

Thankfully taking photos in a studio is like riding a bike, you can just climb back on no matter how long it’s been since you’ve ridden and ride again! I have a little blow out with the lights but that’s really because the studio was a little shallow. Had I been able to get the models a little farther away from the backdrop it would have been better. You work with what you’ve got though and I think the shots turned out pretty well considering how out of practice I am.

My mom is starting a custom sewing business, Ruthann Kaye Designs, and we did a little photo shoot of some of the custom costumes she’s made over the last few years. This photos features two of my favorite dancers, Miss Madi (in purple), an amazing young woman and an awfully good sport for putting up with all the costume changes. And my little sis, Dabria (the silly one in red), who came all the way from Denver for the shoot with her man, Eric, in tow. She also put up with many costume changes, not to mention having to break out the old pointe shoes. By the way, a HUGE thank you to Eric for running back and forth between my house and the photo studio to grab all the gear I needed and forgot at home. Without him we would have been dead in the water.

We did the shoot at Wyoming Camera Outfitters and I have to say those guys are amazingly helpful. The cost of renting the studio was minimal, and they have everything you need for rent. Thankfully I have my own gear but had I needed anything they have a pretty sweet set-up. Not to mention they cleaned all my cameras and lenses about a month ago and I was expecting to pay a small fortune only to be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable they were. Of course now that that they’ve let me play with all the new Canon cameras I want to upgrade, but not now; I’m waiting for the 80D!

I’ve been trying to take photos everyday if I can. My fancy little Canon 40D had been sitting gathering dust for a couple years. When I stopped working after getting sick, I stopped shooting as well. I challenged myself to get out and shoot something everyday if I could in 2017. It hasn’t always worked out like I planned but I’m trying to keep up. You can view my 365 Day Gallery, here on my website anytime, or check it out on my Facebook page.

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