Without Healthcare People Will Die

And let me clarify…this is my opinion. I do not perceive it to be either conservative or liberal. The reason I believe that people will die without healthcare is because of the socioeconomics of this country.

I’m going to keep it simple, not because I think topic of healthcare is too complex to discuss, but because I don’t think it needs to be as complicated as it’s being made out to be. Ultimately, we should “want to” take care of people; take care of each other. Whatever happened to taking care of each other? I understand that some people need more taking care of than others, but isn’t that the point of us all doing it together, so no one group is over burdened with the task of caring for those who might need more care?

The bottom line is, if you live within a specific socioeconomic range, you don’t have healthcare, and you can’t afford it. You’re not going to go to the doctor because the visit costs $150, but the impending outcome of not seeing a doctor at $150 could potentially result in 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of emergency healthcare needed later. THAT, in the nutshell is what I believe to be the ultimate problem. If everyone could go to the doctor when it was a $150 problem, then we could potentially avoid some of the problems that costs 10’s of thousands and in some cases cost people their lives!

A 60 year old woman should be able to get a mammogram at no cost, period. Why? Because breast cancer is expensive! Cancer screening in general should be low to no cost, because cancer is EXPENSIVE! I know this first hand. Not only do I have cancer but I’ve seen the bills my insurance has paid out. Four rounds of chemotherapy…over $170,000 in 16 weeks! If I didn’t have a husband with a great job with good health insurance I wouldn’t be sitting here right now typing this entry; I’d be dead. This is something I’ve struggled with a lot since I became sick. I know what it’s like to be poor and I know what it’s like to not be. I also believe that if it weren’t for my socioeconomic status I probably wouldn’t be alive. I most certainly wouldn’t be living in a house we pay a mortgage on, and we wouldn’t be paying for our youngest son to go to college, in all likelihood and at the very least, we’d be bankrupt. So, what makes me so special over my neighbors down the street who works just as hard but don’t have the same kind  of healthcare I do?

Healthcare for all, single payer system, socialized healthcare, call it whatever helps you sleep at night but call it something. The Senators in my state, Republican Senator John Barraso (who happens to be a DOCTOR!), and Republican Senator Mike Enzi, need to vote on this newest healthcare bill, the AHCA, with the interest of their constituency in mind. Passing this bill will hurt Wyoming families and people will die!

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