From Pain to Power

I travel between my home and Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota every three months for check-ups and treatment. In the time my husband and I have been going to Rochester we found an amazing church we love to go to when we’re there, Rochester Assembly; it’s a wonderful home away from home for me. I’m so thankful that they stream their services online and they are available to watch remotely. Today a service by Paster Jono came across my Facebook page called “From Pain to Power” and it was just what I needed.

Watching this reaffirmed in my heart that God is calling me to turn my pain into His purpose. God is calling me to walk thru the valley and not stand on the outside looking in. I have this pain for a reason and I believe I know what that reason is. It’s time for me to seriously start moving forward with planning my community group for the Fall for people with chronic illness. God put it on my heart months ago and I’ve been reluctant to dive in, but He’s given me so many signs that this IS what He is calling me to do with my life.

Thank you Lord for giving me one more sign!

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