Too Easy

Whenever I ask my youngest son to do something for me, he says “Too Easy!” or if he has to get something done for himself, he says the same thing. “It’s too easy Mom, too easy!” and off he goes to do whatever it is he’s been tasked to do.

In cardiac rehab today, after missing a week and half for being sick with a cold, I found myself hearing his voice in my head saying, “It’s too easy Mom, too easy!” when I was feeling like I couldn’t finish the exercise I was doing. So, I’d just turn my music up a little louder and push thru it. I need to move, I want to move, I must move, and I just need to grind thru it and get it done. I know how much I can push myself before it’s too much.

This heart is strong, and it’s keeping up with me.

Healing from a heart transplant is different for everyone. We all have complications and setbacks the first six months; I’ve certainly had my share in just the first two months. I’ve missed weeks of cardiac rehab because I was in the hospital a few times, then came home and missed a week and half more because of a cold. I was well enough to go back today, and I’m going to feel it later, for sure.


Between rehab three times a week, a little treadmill walking and ballet barre in my kitchen on off days, I’m hoping to catch up or even get ahead of this healing thing. My biggest obstacle are stairs. We live on the 6th floor of our apartment complex so my goal before we move out of this place and get back to Casper is to walk up all five flights and back down.

It seems daunting right now but tomorrow I start practicing.


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