Let the Healing Continue

Despite getting a cold at the 8 week point after transplant and missing a weeks worth of cardiac rehab, I’m really amazed at how quickly I’ve been healing. Monday, it will be 11 weeks since my transplant and already I can do more than I was able to pre-transplant.

I could drive if I wanted to, but I’m waiting for the official release from my doctor. He went out of town and I’ve have to wait a few extra weeks to get in to see another surgeon on the team to get cleared. I vacuumed for the first time in, I don’t know how long. I make the bed every morning. I’m able to cook dinner by myself, and I could go to the grocery store by myself if I needed to. Been cleaning the apartment, like dusting and keeping things tidy. I can climb six flights of stairs!

Only 11 weeks and I can already do things I wasn’t able to do before receiving a new heart. What an amazing gift! I’m under no illusion it’s going to be like this all the time; I’m sure there will be set-backs along the way. There always are with heart transplants, but the progress I’ve seen so far is nothing short of miraculous if you ask me. I remember coming home for the first time and needing my husband to help me get off the toilet and having him sit outside the shower to make sure I was OK. Or sitting in the kitchen and directing him while he cooked dinner because I just didn’t have the strength to stand and do it.

There were times I wondered if I would ever get any stronger or if this was it, but it wasn’t and it isn’t. I wake up every day feeling just a little bit stronger and a little bit more independent. Two things I haven’t been for a long time. The weeks are going by fast and I realized today that really I only have three more months here. The first three months have gone by so fast. Before I know it I’ll be back home in my house, with my kids, with my pup, Thor, and my kitty Olivia. In my own bed, in my own kitchen, around the neighbors I’ve grown to love. I can’t wait!

Although I get bored sometimes and while my white blood cells are a little low I need to stay out of crowds and public places, but………..I can do this!

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  1. That’s beautiful Reyna! I’m so thankful you’re recovering well. You’ll be home soon, the time will fly by. I’ll continue prayers for you. Merry Christmas to you! Love you, Dana

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