Tomorrow’s The Day

I have my annual baseline right and left heart cath with biopsy, plus a bunch of blood work, an ECG, an echo cardiogram, and to top it off a clinic appointment with The Team…all tomorrow. Which means, I won’t be sleeping much tonight. That’s kind of how it always goes the night before a heart cath. I’m not going to lie I’m a little nervous for this one. My a last right heart cath with biopsy was on December 3rd, two weeks ago, and I had some minor rejection. Now, in the grand scheme of things the kind of rejection I have is very fixable, so I’m not worried about that. I guess what I’m worried about is that it’s been so long since the last biopsy, and about a week since my last blood test.

My white blood cell count was still low, but on the upswing, slowly. Because of that I was taken off of one of my anti-rejection medications that has a tendency to mess with your white blood cells, so, I’m not being fully immunosuppressed. That’s why I’m still on a higher dose of the steroid Prednisone. I’m not expecting no rejection with this biopsy so my Prednisone dose will likely stay the same or go up. Gotta love this balloon face of mine. I’m hoping for normal white blood cells and be able to go back on the Myfortic also known as CellCept. I’d like to get this immunosuppression thing figured out so I can have some biopsies with no rejection and get this dose of Prednisone down to a manageable level and maybe my face will go back to it’s normal size. The rest of my body is on it’s way to getting back to normal, it would be nice if my face would follow.

I’m hopeful though, my cardiac rehab has been going really well. I go Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I work out at home. I’ve been climbing the six flights of stairs up to our apartment and this week I started going down as well. Plus, I do ballet barre in my kitchen or my balcony (if the weather is warm enough). Pliés, dégagés, relevés, fondus, and lots of stretching are about all I can do right now, but I’ll add  more as I get stronger. Oh, and I can get my leg on the balcony railing and the kitchen counter 🙂 I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy when I’m on the balcony doing ballet…LOL!

I’m feeling good though and I’m hoping my tests tomorrow reflect how I feel. I’m feeling a little stronger every day. As a matter of fact on December 28th I should get the go ahead to start driving again…I can’t wait!

When things feel a little tough I just remind myself that this is #tooeasy!


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