At The Library

Young lady at the library, Salt Lake City, UT – January 5, 2019

Salt Lake City has a very obvious homeless population. During the day they congregate in different places down town. The library is a good place because the building breaks the wind in the Winter. They estimate that the city has 2,200 homeless, beds for about 1,900 of them, which means 300 people are sleeping outside this Winter. Today was actually a nice day, over 32 degrees and no wind, but we have a storm coming and I can’t help but wonder where this young lady will be sleeping tonight.

She was gracious enough to talk with me and allow me to take her photo. I found her to be so beautiful in spirit and couldn’t help but wonder what happened that she ended up on the street. I didn’t want to pry and ask her too many questions, she seemed more interested in why I would want to take her photo. So, I gave her my testimony, she allowed me to shoot a few photos, she told me to stay healthy and God Bless, I wished her the same and thanked her for her time. I pray she’s warm tonight.

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