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The Challenge

The beginning of the year I challenged myself to get my camera out every day and take a photo of something or someone. The purpose was to get reacquainted with my camera that had been sitting for so long like a paper weight, gathering dust. I went 84 straight days of taking photos, some not so bad, most pretty crappy if you ask me, but they were pictures none the less. Unfortunately, being stuck in Salt Lake City recovering from a heart transplant in the middle of Winter doesn’t always spark inspiration. In the Winter, Salt Lake City is shades of grey, and after awhile I became bored and somewhat depressed over the lack of color.

So, I took a break and was able to come home to Wyoming, where there wasn’t much color either, just more snow.

I fell short by seven days of a three month streak by missing the last week of March. April was a wash because I really didn’t feel like picking up my camera. I was and am so overwhelmed at home that the thought of getting  up and finding something to shoot every day felt a little burdensome. I don’t want a hobby I truly love to feel like a burden. The camera came out of the bag this last weekend though, when I went to the dance showcase of one of my former Ballet students. I was able to capture some amazing photos of her thru my tears as I watched her. She most certainly sparked some inspiration in me to pick up my camera more often.

So, here is #85 – “Dear Clarice” featuring an amazing young dancer that I’m proud to say graced some of my Ballet classes when she was younger. She’s so grown up now and blossomed into the amazing dancer I always imagined she’d be.

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Dear Clarice

My Little Sidekick

Thor-man after his hair cut.

My furry little friend has been the subject of my photo of the day for a few days now. It’s so nice to have my little sidekick with me again. It’s been six months since Thor and I’ve been together and we missed each other. He’s transitioned to apartment living really well and seems to be enjoying our trips down to the doggy area a few times a day, not to mention the car rides. Having him here helps me feel better when my husband’s not in town; I’m not as lonely. He’s such a sweet boy, and although he looks like a puppy he’s going to be seven years old on April 22nd.

I was worried he wouldn’t remember me and maybe not recognize me because my heart beat is so different, but that wasn’t the case.

31 Days and Counting

Ride UTA – January 31, 2019

Believe it or not I managed to take a photo or photos every day for 31 days! Here is photo #31, the entire month of January. Now on to February, new adventures, new subjects, and hopefully a little more skill! I’m a bit rusty so it’s taking some time to get my camera fingers back, not to mention this is a newer camera than I was using before. I finally got my tripod here in Salt Lake, but it was missing it’s quick release plate. Thankfully, Manfrotto makes a unique plate for all it’s tripods and mine was easy to find at a local camera shop. A shop that I should not be able to visit unaccompanied by a responsible person guarding my wallet. I didn’t even go back to the shelf where the tripod plates were, I let the sales person from the customer service counter go get it. They were too close to the counter where all the Canon camera bodies were on display, with a big sign saying you could RENT THEM <GASP!>

Here are the stats on this photo….

Camera: Canon EOS 70D
Lens: Tamron 18-200 mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di-II
Filter: GOBE CPL & Graduated Blue Filters
F-Stop: f/20
Exposure: 1/3 sec.
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 18 mm