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At The Library

Young lady at the library, Salt Lake City, UT – January 5, 2019

Salt Lake City has a very obvious homeless population. During the day they congregate in different places down town. The library is a good place because the building breaks the wind in the Winter. They estimate that the city has 2,200 homeless, beds for about 1,900 of them, which means 300 people are sleeping outside this Winter. Today was actually a nice day, over 32 degrees and no wind, but we have a storm coming and I can’t help but wonder where this young lady will be sleeping tonight.

She was gracious enough to talk with me and allow me to take her photo. I found her to be so beautiful in spirit and couldn’t help but wonder what happened that she ended up on the street. I didn’t want to pry and ask her too many questions, she seemed more interested in why I would want to take her photo. So, I gave her my testimony, she allowed me to shoot a few photos, she told me to stay healthy and God Bless, I wished her the same and thanked her for her time. I pray she’s warm tonight.

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Potential Lost?

Is this potential lost? – January 2, 2019

The 600 block of 100 South in Salt Lake City on my way to and from the University Hospital. It’s actually three buildings, it may have been residential at one point in time, but there is evidence there were businesses in here as well. Not sure if it’s just abandon, condemned, foreclosed, or meant to be demolished, but after walking around a bit, I think it has potential. It has an outstanding location, parking in the rear of the main building, and if renovated well could be beautiful again. If I were to do it, I would turn it into residential housing considering it’s in the middle of a neighborhood full of amazing homes.

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Photo Challenge

Husband and I – January 1, 2019

I’m going to try the 365 day photo challenge again this year. So here is photo #1, my husband and I in one of our favorite places to hang out…in bed. I’m going to have to get use to having my photo taken, OY! This Prednisone face with bullfrog neck is driving me crazy, but it is what it is. At least my hair looks good. Thankfully, I won’t be on this dose of Prednisone forever so the size of my face will go back to normal, eventually.

I got the results of my December 27th right and left heart biopsy and blood tests. My white blood cells are back to normal, which means my bone marrow is finally doing it’s job. All of my other blood work was good, just needed some minor tweaks to my medication. I was finally cleared to drive, so I got to drive myself to cardiac rehab on Monday. My biopsy came back with no rejection…EXCITING! Even more exciting my Kappa and Lambda Free Light Chains which would be a measure of the amyloid in my system were the lowest they’ve ever been, meaning I’m still in complete hematological remission.

I’m so happy I’m starting to feel healthy again…

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A First Look

Here’s a first look at the Post Its that I put on the wall in my ICU room while I was waiting for a heart…there are over 200. Included are also the number of days I waited for a heart in the ICU and the names of the doctors, nurses and aids that took care of me.

I Want To Dance

It’s killing me that I still don’t have the energy to dance and to teach. I want, so desperately, to teach a ballet class, but I just don’t have the strength for it yet. I’m hoping that by the beginning of the next dance season I’ll be able to at least start subbing now and then. If I had to pick one thing as the truest passion of my life it would be dancing. I started dancing when I was three and started teaching dance at 14. I would say it runs in my veins now.

To watch people dance makes me yearn for the studio, to listen to music, and to create new movement. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t choreograph while I’m listening to whatever might be playing on the radio. I create outrageous costumes in my head, edit music, create mash-ups.

I need to dance, I need to teach it…it’s a part of who I am, It’s part of my soul.

Added a few photos of a former student to my 365 Day Gallery.