Amyloidosis research is grossly underfunded! If you feel compelled to give a donation for the research of this disease you can do so at either Mayo Clinic’s website and designate your gift to “Amyloidosis Research” in the “Other” field. Or you can go to the Amyloidosis Foundation website and make a donation.

If money isn’t your thing then give your time or your talent to cancer patients. Quilt a blanket for your local oncology office, go hold the hand of a patient who needs a little support. Offer a ride to someone who can’t drive themselves to their treatment appointments. Offer to cook a meal for the family of someone battling cancer. There are so many things you can do to help that really only require a little bit of your time.

Most of all please consider becoming an organ donor! There are over 120,000 individuals waiting for a life saving organs and the list is only getting longer. A single organ donor could save up to eight lives! Anyone, regardless of age or health, could be an organ or tissue donor. And for those of Faith, please know that most religions view organ donation as an act of love and selflessness. Lastly, you can be a living donor; four out of ten organ donations are from living donors.

Just a few things to consider…